The events of the series deal with the period of the Israeli invasion of Ramallah, the siege on the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, as well as that of Jenin and its refugee camp. The series goes beyond the more typically consumed and obvious portrayal of the situation to present a work that is full of life and emotion through the dramatic representation of the daily lives of the Palestinian people and rich with the stories and details of real events. This starts with the very human love story between Mustafa, a young Palestinian man, and Ya’el, a Jewish girl, that began after Mustafa and his friends who had escaped to the mountains saved her (a Jew) and her friend Maryam (a 1948 Arab refugee). Ya’el provides Mustafa with information that reaches her via her brother, an Israeli army lieutenant, effectively dramatizing the events of the story. The series also tells the story of Abu Salem and his family and the complex web of their interlocking relationships, in addition to that of Abu Khaled and his children: Khaled the teacher, Amjad the detainee, Mustafa who is being pursued and Hanan the nurse, as well as other characters taken from real life such as Abu Basel, Abu Jandal, Tawalbeh, and Saeed the television cameraman searching for the perfect clip. The series furthermore touches on the story of female Palestinian prisoners whose suffering continues on into their lives after their release from Occupation prisons due to the harassment they have endured and the inhumane crimes made against them behind Zionist bars.