Mostafa: A young man from Jenin, wanted by the Israelis, spends his time running away.  Bold guy believes in his case.  He returns to Jenin to participate in the resistance against the invasion.  Falls in love with an Israeli girl, but later he is caught and killed by her brother.        

Yael: An Israeli girl of Palestinian origin, a human rights activist with a strong personality, and an opponent of the Zionist entity, loves Mustafa and helps him as much as she can, she accommodates him after the invasion but he is captured and killed by her brother.         

Abu Jandal: An officer in the Palestinian national security who rejects the policy of restraint demanded by the Authorities, he never forgot what he has faced during the of Beirut, He joins and leads the heroic resistance fighters in Jenin camp until he is martyred

Hanan: A daring girl with a dignified personality who lived a tough life because of her brothers being chased by the Israeli occupation authorities, she finds herself in the Jenin refugee camp during its invasion treating the wounded and then marrying Bassim, one of the resistance fighters.

Khaled: An educated young man working as a teacher at a UNRWA school in Ramallah, led by the siege of Ramallah to hide in a nearby house after his house was bombed and there he meets Rula and falls in love with her despite the circumstances and death surrounding them        

Rula: A Palestinian journalist working in Ramallah, was arrested and raped while she was small, which affected her psychology and made her self-enclosed. A group of people hide in their house during the siege of Ramallah. Amomg them she meets Khaled and fall in love with him.